“Hey, Let’s be careful out there.’ The more astute among you will have noted that I don’t really have any […]

“Hey, Let’s be careful out there.’

The more astute among you will have noted that I don’t really have any idea what stages of this Camino we’re attempting. The guide book has now confirmed that we are currently on stage 4 with the final stage, 5, to follow. Honest mistake. Also missed by the proof reader. Apologies to all Camino purists who may have picked up on this and become agitated by my crass stupidity (as if it’s some kind of surprise).

Today was a much more attractive walk. Of course it helps enormously when you have a clear indication of where you’re supposed to go, so from the start we were moving along at a tidy pace, the sun shining, the sky a cloudless blue, and the scenery a study in pastoral tranquility. Er, apart from the motorists. They thunder along these narrow cobbled roads like demented rally drivers fully prepared to take out anyone or thing that gets in their path. They are also, based on today’s events, mostly female………Actually, this reminds me of someone……………..

The cobbles, which comprised about 80% of today’s walk are very picturesque, but they really wreck havoc with your feet. Who’d have thought that I’d be the one in need of Compeed plasters, a result of the previous day’s heroic dash to meet the taxi that was to ferry us (I know – it’s a mixed metaphor, but I’m tired) to our hotel upon completion of yesterday’s inadvertently long walk, which became a despairing scramble/jog/ sprint (in your dreams, pal) to the most cunningly hidden train station in Portugal. I appreciate that none of this aside makes any sense; suffice to say it’s traumatised my normally robust feet, and only large beers can dull my pain. In fact I’m administering the appropriate medication as I type this, hence the alarming lack of clarity.

Anyway, as I think I said earlier, the scenery was beautiful. At one point we arrived at a bridge overlooking a watermill, magnificent houses surrounded by lush green fields and mature trees, sitting resplendent in the afternoon sunshine. It was, well, idyllic.

We finally arrived in Arcos at just before 3 o’clock this afternoon and headed up to Cafe Barbossa (the only cafe in Arcos) for food and beer. The lady proprietor speaks excellent English and makes magnificent bocadillas, salads and cakes. We know this because we’re sitting here right now, stuffing our faces and enjoying her Super Bock (and believe me, it’s not called that for nothing….)

The highlight of today, however, as far as Carolyn is concerned, came at breakfast, where we were each served a boiled egg covered with a knitted woolly hat. You’d have thought there was a wee baby underneath it, so enamoured was she of the presentation. “Oh, just look at that – how gorgeous does it look? Have you ever in your life blah….. lovely……. blah…… cute……..”. Eventually she calmed down and ate the egg. Didn’t see fit to pass comments on my corn flakes and banana, which looked pretty good to me.
Tomorrow we head for Barcelos, 20km up the road. Hopefully there will be fewer cobbles and frustrated rally drivers. Either way, we’ll get there !

Two things to finish:

(i) Happy birthday to Dermott “Gypsy” Egan, who today celebrates yet another 21st. May you continue to produce the music for dubious would be lyricists!
(ii) A huge thankyou to Sally, Kathleen, Mary, Claire and Christine who have shown they’ve nothing better to do than read this rubbish. That’s 3 more than I anticipated, so we are on a roll. Does it also mean that men are more discerning, or simply that they don’t understand the abstruse mysteries of Facebook? I actually know the answer to this . Nevertheless, I shall continue to paint as vivid a picture as possible of all the places we have went ( shut it, Christine ).
Until tomorrow !

Today’s album track is Highway to Hell by AC/DC