Camino – Day 20

Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun  “Walk. Keep walking. Don’t stop walking” A very pleasant day’s walking (lie) that took […]

Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun 

“Walk. Keep walking. Don’t stop walking”

A very pleasant day’s walking (lie) that took us past the half way mark en route to the city of Sahagun. We had decided to take the alternative forest trail to avoid walking beside the main road. These road sections are actually fine: you are screened from the road for most of the time by trees and bushes and are walking on a trail, but anyway. I know I have raised the issue of the navigator/proof reader/map reader’s performance to date, but something really has to be done about these repeated gaffs that compromise our smooth progress.

Upon reaching a road this morning at which we should have turned left, the navigator had us cross the road and continue along the dirt trail towards oblivion. I am exonerated from any blame on the basis of having had a water bottle attached to my face at this point and couldn’t see properly. 15 minutes along this deserted, signless wasteground, I am asked “Is this the right way? It doesn’t seem right.” Being nothing if not a model of tolerance, I reply “ I was drinking water. I’m supposed to be the directional liability. You don’t know where we are, do you? We’re lost. Lost I tell you. And we have less than a litre of water between us. Dear God! It’s like that film ‘The Way’ starring Martin Sheen, directed by Emilio Estevez – he plays a character who dies on the Camino! This is both embarrassing and terrifying! And make no mistake – I’m holding you responsible. I knew I should have hired a guide! You’re skating on thin ice now, lady – I know that’s the wrong metaphor for temperatures of 80 plus degrees – but even so, your position is now under review! Hah!  “If we just re- trace our steps we’ll be back on the Camino in about 15 minutes, you half wit. Just grow a pair and follow me. And stop crying. It’s unbecoming.”

Once I’d dried my eyes and made Tomb Raider promise not to tell anyone about any of this, I followed her (against my better judgement – I was still hysterical) back onto the main route. No one appeared to notice or care that we might have deviated from the one true path, so it looks like we may have got away with it. Probably all sniggering into their paellas this evening as they discuss their day’s events.

So. Once everything was back on an even keel, we marched into the village of Moratinos, which appears to contain hobbit houses. They are in fact wine and food storage facilities which date back 500 years and which are nowadays still used in part to store wine, cheese and ham. They are also, it appears, hired out as party venues, hence the sign warning people not to use them as toilets………

As the day continued to improve (well, let’s face it….) we reached our half way point on the journey, the Centro Geografico del Camino, and took pictures of each other between the two grandiose statues that marked the second half of the journey. From there, it was plain sailing (another inappropriate metaphor) into Sahagun and the hot shower of our welcoming hotel.

As I write this I am sipping my post – meal coffee, having enjoyed a delicious meal in Sahagun’s petit town centre. I have regained my composure and intend to deny that today’s breakdown ever took place. I’ve deleted the photos of me beating the earth with my fists (how could she do that?) and look forward to tomorrow with alacrity! 

Today’s album track is “Find My Way Home” by Jon and Vangelis, because whenever you are lost, there’s always a way back, even if you’re stuck with Dora the Explorer. 

Until tomorrow……….🌟🔜?🌟