Camino Day 18

 Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes. “You are your only limit, so stick a plaster on it and get walking” […]

 Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes.

“You are your only limit, so stick a plaster on it and get walking”

The trouble with being an inexperienced blogger (listen to me) on the Camino is you just can’t get decent staff. Once the day’s piece has been rattled off I hand it to the proof reader to check for errors. Admittedly there are plenty, but when one is as glaring as yesterday’s and slips through the net well, somebody has to be made an example of. “ Oh – you’ve used the phrase ‘at the mercy of the elements’ twice. That’s really bad. Embarrassing, actually. Dross. You’ll be a laughing stock. And they’ll be laughing AT you, not with you. Just in case you were wondering.”

If I could find someone else I’d send her packing. Give her a proper dressing down. Unfortunately alternatives are a bit thin on the ground. All of which means, of course, that I must accept my humiliation and blog on, safe in the knowledge that I’m churning out mince. Actually, that’s unfair on mince.

Today we had a very straightforward walk to Carrion de Los Condes. No sooner have I finished banging on about the constant beauty of the Camino than we find ourselves walking along the side of a fairly busy road, somewhat lacking in spectacular vistas. Photo opportunities were few and far between, but there’s always something. The village of Villalcazar De Sirga has welcomed pilgrims since the 12th century and contains a church which in that period became a “commandero” (command post) for the Knights Templar.  As you stand admiring the facade, you realise that the building is leaning quite dramatically to the side. Inside was nice enough but certainly not jaw dropping (we’ve seen much nicer). All in all a straightforward, pretty undramatic day, albeit the cafe did a quite magnificent tortilla.

We made another new friend in Monica from County Monaghan, chatted again with Neil from Donegal (now resident in Dublin), walked with Emmy from Australia (originally from Belgium – this is her fourth Camino!) and have arranged to have dinner with, amongst others, a charming Filipino bloke whose name escapes me right now. The Way is nothing if not a smorgasbord of lovely people.

Tomorrow sees us tackle the shortest (17km) but apparently most tedious section of our journey. It’s a walk along a main road with no villages between here and our next port of call. It was described to us as “rubbish”. Despite this news, we remain determined to see the positive in all we experience (please take note, proof reader) and shall rejoice in the beauty of the large articulated behemoths that threaten to blow us into a ditch on their way past.

It’s all good, don’t you know.

Today’s song is “My Friends” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers for our pals back home and the new friends we’ve met today !