Camino Day 14

Freebie in Burgos! “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” (Confucius) Actually, […]

Freebie in Burgos!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” (Confucius)

Actually, we stop quite a lot, and today we’ve stopped altogether, so just ignore that profound nonsense. I’m writing this sitting in a bar in Burgos sheltering from the heavy rain with a coffee, a glass of wine and 4 salmon croquettes (it was the sensible thing to do). Carolyn is holed up at the hotel resting the monstrosity. She wants to be in as decent a state as possible for tomorrow. 

I’ve spent the day so far going to the laundromat with our Kiwi friend Barb to wash our heavily scented socks etc. This went very well. There has been a dramatic change in the aroma department, and tomorrow we shall smell like freshly cut grass that had roses lying all over it before a huge tanker accidentally emptied its entire perfume cargo onto the spot where we happened to have dropped our stuff.

Having returned to the hotel and ordered Carolyn a room service omelette (see me?) I again ventured out to try and find a farmacia that might sell large pads for application to “the thing”. Sadly, ten minutes into my search the heavens opened, and here I am. That’s now two glasses of wine, thank you very much. It’s siesta time anyway, so my efforts were always, with hindsight, doomed to failure. I’ll resume my search at 6.30 pm.

Ok. I’ve been back out and bought adhesive gel padding that will hopefully do the trick. I’ve also bought a new case to replace the North Face beast with no handles to shut the guy up who keeps complaining to our travel company that one of the “Scottish bags” is too heavy and the owner should be flogged/have his toenails removed/branded. He really needs to man up. Tomorrow he’ll think it’s Christmas.

Burgos is a very attractive city, with the requisite giant cathedral, dozens of statues, narrow winding streets and zillions of cafe bars and restaurants, all extremely enticing. Had it been better weather, a glass of wine sitting at the side of the river, surrounded by the huge statues of prominent Burgeros (made that up- I’ve no idea what the correct term is) would have been just the ticket.

Tomorrow marks the start of week 3 of our adventure with a walk/limp/ to Hornillos (nope, neither have I), which I’m sure will be lovely. Fingers and toes crossed that the terrain is reasonably forgiving. We march in the morning !

Today’s album track is “Sitting In My Hotel” by The Kinks, because Carolyn spent the day……….🌟