Camino – Day 10

 Nájera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.                            […]

 Nájera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.                                                         

“Keep going keep going keep going keep going keep going !” (Motivational message from Natalie to C.)

As I write this we are sat in the reception area of the Centro Medical Urgencias department awaiting an examination of Carolyn’s foot by a doctor/nurse. Today was a shorter but stony walk in temperatures that must have been in the 80s, with only two towns along the way. The scenery was nice, i.e. loads of vineyards, fields, mountains, clear blue skies etc. We were very much bringing up the rear. On the outskirts of Ciruena a man had set up a temporary stall for drinks, fruit etc. and was packing up as we arrived. He said that from his vantage point he could see back down the road for miles and there was no one else in sight! Very embarrassing! Anyway, the main thing is we got to Santo Domingo just about in one piece.                                             

Carolyn is now in with the doc. Hopefully he’ll clean it up, apply a fresh dressing and tell her it should be ok in a couple of days. Alternatively, he might say that it’s in need of complete rest, otherwise it’ll fall off. And that’ll be 200 euros, por favor.            

While today was, for me, the least stimulating journey so far, I neglected to mention something reasonably interesting from yesterday. As we were walking through one of the forest sections on the way to Nájera, we passed 3 people, 2 of whom were digging, under a canopy at the side of the path. A woman appeared to be overseeing the whole operation, as if it were an excavation of some sort. A search for ancient peregrino artefacts, perhaps? The remains of pilgrims who met with a gory end while making their way along the trail? Buried treasure?                     

Back to the Urgencias. The doc has drained C’s blisters and given her pads to dress them. She’s going to have to buy more, but at least she’s got the green light to continue with the Camino. Excellent news! We’re off to drink beer (well that’s me actually) and get some dinner. Tomorrow we dispense with one of the rucksacks to keep the weight off the invalid’s feet. Onwards and upwards!


Final thought (s): I’ve always felt it inappropriate to be asked to pay to enter  a church. Why do the Spanish insist on having electric candles for prayer offerings? You can’t beat actually lighting a candle yourself. Finally, why are so many of the churches locked for most of the day? I suspect I know the answers to all of the above, but sometimes you just have to rant. The end.                                                      

Today’s album track is “All These Things I’ve Done” by The Killers. Carolyn’s choice.  She said it gave her a lift today when she heard it. Seems fair enough to me!        


         Until tomorrow!