What Lisa’s Gift is all about

Lisa’s Gift is a small charitable organisation which has been created in memory of our late daughter Lisa

Its principal purpose is to offer financial assistance to pupils within the Renfrewshire Education sector whose parents or guardians are not in a position to cover the cost of the multitude of activities, both school based and extra- curricular, which require a financial contribution from the home.

Whether it be enabling someone to take part in a school trip who might otherwise be forced to miss out, or providing basic equipment to allow participation in a PE class, this is a fund to which head teachers, senior management and teachers might apply for assistance in ensuring that a deserving pupil is not denied the opportunities which others take for granted.

Since its inception in 2014 the charity has been able to help over 400 pupils in schools across Renfrewshire to participate in a wide range of activities. These have ranged from educational trips both abroad and within the UK, to the provision of breakfast supplies, sports kit and warm winter clothing.

Please note that all monies raised by the charity go directly to the appropriate children identified by the school.